Residents' Updates


Kevin sends out a personal email every week to residents who subscribe and wish to be kept informed about what's happening in the bay and what work Kevin does as an MP.

Kevin's aim is to make this update system a useful resource for those who live or work in the bay, rather than a political newsletter trying to score points or promote party lines. In order to do this the update system operates under four guiding principles:

1.    If you register to receive the update your details are not shared with anyone else.

2.    No party political point scoring or commercial advertising.

3.    Articles are always directly relevant to the bay or the area around it.

4.    You can leave the list at any-time just by clicking on unsubscribe.

Kevin is more than happy to include articles from local groups or community organisations looking for help or wanting to promote an event they are running. The only restrictions are that the event must not be politically or purely profit motivated.

Hopefully this update service sounds like something you would be interested to receive, so please sign up now.