The 32 Bus Campaign - Update

Number 32 Bus Update 

I have been backing residents of Shiphay who have been campaigning for the restoration of their bus link to The Willows.

Support Battersea’s call for five year animal cruelty sentences

Since first being elected in May 2015 I have taken a close interest in Animal Welfare issues and regularly speak with Battersea about issues relating to Dog Welfare, in addition to the excellent campaign they have run more recently to highlight the inadequacy of animal cruelty sentencing.

Private Members' Bills

Private Members’ Bills are Public Bills that can be introduced by MPs and Lords that are not currently Government Minsters.

Unfair Penalty Charges in Torbay

Since being elected in May 2015, Kevin has received constant feedback from residents regarding unfair penalty charge notices being levied by local independent car parks.

Syria: My View

Dear Torbay ResidentI have received a large number of e-mails and comments from residents about this issue, with a range of issues being raised. Over the last few weeks I have listened to both Ministers and residents about the situation in Syria, plus read a range of arguments on this issue.

A living wage for the Bay

Kevin was asked by Torbay TUC to confirm his views on the subject of a living wage for Torbay Council workers. So he met with Paul and Richard Raybould to discuss TUC's campaign and pledged his support for the living wage earlier this year.Below is Kevin's formal response and sets out his reasons for backing their campaign:

Torre Traffic Reversal

Kevin has been campaigning with Torre Traders to get the traffic reversed.The issue of drivers being sent around a convoluted one way system and through residential streets, has been a bug bear for decades. So many people have lobbied for the traffic to simply enter Torquay Town Centre via Torre making everyone's journey simpler, quicker and generally more pleasant while highlighting the many shops available.