Work for The Hard Working Across The Bay

Kevin Foster, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Torbay, has today (Wednesday 16th October 2013) welcomed figures that show unemployment continuing to fall across Torquay and Paignton.

The Claimant Count figures for September 2013 that have just been released by the Office for National Statistics show Unemployment to have fallen by 23% since September 2012 in Torbay. In raw figures this means 642 less people are claiming Unemployment Benefit in Torquay and Paignton, than were doing so at the same time last year. The monthly drop compared to August 2013 was 34, leaving a Claimant Count of 2,185 (3.6%).

Across the UK there are now more people in work than ever before with the rise being driven by growth in full-time and permanent jobs. In the South West region alone more than 11,000 people are back in work this quarter. That’s up by 69,000 since the election. A positive sign of growth in the UK economy and a credit to businesses throughout the South West who created those jobs.

Kevin said: “The latest news on Torbay’s Unemployment is welcome and each figure is a person who is no longer looking for work, but back in employment earning a wage. Normally the end of the summer season brings a challenge for job seekers in the bay, which makes this fall especially welcome.”


“The figures show that there is still more work to do in ensuring all the bay’s jobseekers can get back into work. Yet developments such as the White Rock Business Park, Palm Court and the recently announced plans for a £50m investment in Torquay’s Palace Hotel show that there are more opportunities on the way. This Conservative led Government has shown its confidence in the bay’s future by allocating money for the South Devon Link Road and for tackling congestion pinch points, today’s figures show the benefit for local people of the policy decisions we have taken in the face of opposition from others.”