Westminster News

Make Schools Safe Raised at PMQs

Last week, Kevin met with three students from The Spires College in Torquay to discuss the work they have been doing as part of the 2018 ‘Send my Friend to School’ Campaign, which focusses on making schools across the world a safe space for children to learn.

Rail Ticket Reform

The best way to buy a train ticket is a subject which is uniquely complex due to a now outdated set of regulations.

Spice Classification

Since it first hit our streets last year the drug commonly known as “Spice” has been a blight not just on those who use it, but our Town Centres as a whole.

My view on Syria

The latest use of chemical weapons in Syria is appalling and cannot be ignored.

Future of the Royal Navy Debated

On Monday Kevin took the chance to raise the future for the Royal Navy and our amphibious capability as Defence Ministers answered questions from MPs.

Windrush Generation

The plight of some Commonwealth Citizens who arrived in the UK before 1973 has been in the news this week.