Fair School Funding Petition

It is widely acknowledged that the existing school funding model is a muddle and that funding for individual schools with similar pupil characteristics is arbitrary and unfair.

At a time of spending restraint it is more important than ever that funding is allocated based on need.  A national campaign called 'F40' has come up with a formula which would see the funding cake shared much more fairly. 

Kevin believes this formula can help deliver a solution.  Kevin wants the children in our schools to continue to have a broad range of subjects to study, good resources to use, well maintained buildings, reasonably sized classes and excellent pastoral support.  Fairer funding is integral to all of this.

Torbay needs a fairer system of funding because pupils in the Bay are losing out on opportunities the funding levels provided to other parts of the country would provide to them. This cross party call is for the government to deliver a more logical funding system that supports all pupils equally, no matter which area they live in.

This new formula could mean an extra £2.6million for pupils in Torbay which equates to an extra £160 per pupil. 

Kevin Foster MP for Torbay said: "Thank you to all who supported this petition and made efforts to get this to me quickly. I presented this petition to Parliament on Tuesday 1st Dec along with a large number of other MP's. In the end 10,000's of people supported the need for fairer funding for schools. I'll keep you informed about the next stages."