Torbay Is Back On Track

Torbay is back on track as the Dawlish Coastal Railway has today (Friday 4th April 2014) re-opened following major repair work.

Kevin welcomes tax cuts to help the high street

Kevin Foster, the Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Torbay, has welcomed news that an estimated 500 local shops, pubs and restaurants in Torbay could see their tax bills cut by a third because of tax cuts for small businesses which came into effect this week.

Kev's Column: Is Prison For Debt Right?

Every week I publish my very own “Kev’s Column” online. This week I take a look at the proposal to decriminalise not buying a TV Licence.

Kev’s Column: A Pensions Revolution

"The key test in this area is whether we trust people to make decisions about their own lives, based on professional advice, or that the state should set down in detail the percentages regardless of personal circumstances. For many years the wealthiest have been able to use their resources to have a flexible provision for their retirement, it is time the rest of savers have the ability to do that as well."

Kev's Column: A Referendum Pledge?

Each week I publish my own “Kev’s Column” on-line. This week I take a look at the speech given by Ed Miliband about Labour’s Policy on a Referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Kev's Column: Ukraine's Pain

Every week Kevin I publish my very own “Kev’s Column” online. This week I take a look at the situation in Ukraine.

Kev’s Column: Margaret Thatcher Day

Every week I publish my very own "Kev's Column" online in which I take a look at an issue that has been in the news. This week I respond to the debate around suggestions that the late August Bank Holiday should be renamed Margaret Thatcher Day.

Leader of the Lords Visits Studio School

Lord Hill, Leader of the House of Lords this week visited Devon Studio School to meeting Principal Katherine Davis-Wills, students, parents and Governors who are involved with his innovative approach to education in the bay.