Torbay Coastwatch

Award - £500

Website -

Torbay Coastwatch, part of the National Coastwatch Institution, is an entirely voluntary organisation whose aim is to provide a visual watch along UK's shores. Using a variety of technologies, including radar, radio signals and weather reports, as well as their own senses to spot vessels and distress flares, Torbay Coastwatch is one of 50 stations nationally that logged a cumulative 240,000 hours of coastal surveillance in 2015 alone.

Kevin's donation of £500 is designed to help support the purchase and installation of new computer equipment at the Coastwatch station on Daddyhole Plain, computer equipment that is vital in ensuring that the seas around Torbay continue to be both navigable, and more importantly, safe. The station on Daddyhole Plain is open every day, and although hours do vary depending on the season, visitors are warmly welcomed.