Universal Credit Full Service (UCFS) roll out

Universal Credit Full Service (UCFS) rolls out on 5 September and it will apply to new claimants and those who have a change of circumstances that would mean they would usually make a new claim to one of the six benefits UCFS replaces. (JSA, ESA, IS, WTC, CTC and housing benefit).

Make Schools Safe Raised at PMQs

Last week, Kevin met with three students from The Spires College in Torquay to discuss the work they have been doing as part of the 2018 ‘Send my Friend to School’ Campaign, which focusses on making schools across the world a safe space for children to learn.

Torbay MP Criticises Crosscountry Consultation

Torbay MP Criticises Crosscountry Consultation

Torbay’s MP Kevin Foster has reacted strongly to a consultation document issued by the Department for Transport which suggests reducing direct Crosscountry services to Torbay and describes it as part of the “Extremities of the Network”.

Centenary of The Devon's Last Stand

Today (27th May) marks the Centenary of the 2nd Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment making a heroic last stand at Bois des Buttes, a wooded sandstone hill southwest of La Ville-aux-Bois.

Parental Bereavement Leave

Last week a bill designed to create a system of statutory parental bereavement leave cleared its final stages in the House of Commons.

Financial Misconduct Debate

 At the height of the economic crash a decade ago many local businesses found their bank far from supporting them, looked to exploit the situation instead.

Rail Ticket Reform

The best way to buy a train ticket is a subject which is uniquely complex due to a now outdated set of regulations.