Latest Rail Funding News

There was further news last week on funding for vital works to improve and strengthen the coastal railway at Dawlish as Network Rail unveiled its five-year plan.

Shedden Hall Hotel 

I have been chasing the council for progress in dealing with this eyesore which stands on Shedden Hill, only a short distance from Abbey Sands.

Universal Credit Visit. 

Last week I visited Bexhill, East Sussex to see for myself how full service Universal Credit works.


During the 2017 General Election campaign, Kevin was approached by a number of constituents when out canvassing in Torquay Road, Preston. They were concerned about road safety in the area, and particularly speeding vehicles and hazardous parking.

UK Role In Conflict Resolution

The role the UK can play in conflict resolution was part of a debate called by the opposition this week on how Human Rights are protected across the world.