Kev's Column: MP Pay Rise

As the row around the proposal for an 11% pay rise for MPs continues in this week’s Kev’s Column I set out my views.

Stubbing Out Cigarette Branding

Kevin has welcomed the announcement that the Government is launching an independent review into cigarette plain packaging

Kev's Column: At What Age Should We Consent?

Every week Kevin publishes his very own Kev’s Column online. This week he reacts to the suggestion from Faculty of Public Health president Prof John Ashton that the Age of Consent should be lowered to 15.

Kev's Column: Cameras At The Council

Every week I publish my own Kev’s Column on Line, this week I take a look at the work being done to undertake the first webcast of a Torbay Full Council meeting.

Kev's Column: A Community Plan B?

My latest Kev's column for the Torbay Times is published this week in which I take a look at the suggestion Torquay's Pavilion should be moved to an island in the Habour.

Torbay On Track For More Trains

Kevin Foster, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Torbay, has today (Friday 8th November 2013) welcomed an announcement that more trains are on track to serve the English Riviera from 9th December.