Kev's Column: A Shop That Serves

My Second Kev's Column for the Torbay Times was published this month and covers my reasons for opening @201Torbay my new Community Campaign Centre in Torre: 

Kev's Column: Conference Blog

In this week's Kev's Column I conclude my series on the Party Conferences with the blog I wrote for the Herald Express website about the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

Kev's Column: Sweet Sixteen?

This week the Labour Party headed to Brighton and in this week’s Kev's Column I take a look at their suggestion of reducing the voting age to 16.

Million Pound Dose of Congestion Relief

Kevin Foster, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Torbay, has today (Friday 27th September 2013) welcomed news that the Government has approved £1,050,000 of Pinch Point Funding for the bay as part of an £80m investment package nationally.

Kev's Column: Food for Thought.

Each week I publish my own Kev’s column online. This week I start a series of Conference Season specials with my thoughts on one of the policies announced at the Liberal Democrat Conference.

Kev's Column: Adapt to Survive

My first column for the Torbay Times was published this week and covered my thoughts on the future for our local high streets.

Kev's Column: On Your Bike At Clennon Valley?

Every week Kevin publishes online his thoughts on the news in his very own Kev’s Column. This week he takes a look at the issue of the proposed Velodrome at Clennon Valley.

Kev's Column:Timing Is Everything.

 In this week’s Kev’s column I cover my thoughts on the latest developments in relation to the situation in Syria: