Update on Brixham Road roadworks

After being contacted by many residents concerned about delays to the road widening project on the A3022 Brixham Road, which has been front page news in this week’s local paper, I have sought reassurances and an update report from Torbay Councils Head of Highways that everything possible is being done to ‘get the job done’ as quickly as possible.

I understand that due to the delay, caused moving of key gas and other utility pipes,  it has been decided to reschedule the staring of the next phase along Goodrington Road, to make sure traffic congestion is kept to a minimum. The work on Goodrington Road was due to commence at the end of January / beginning of February.

I have asked the Head of Highways to keep me updated on further developments, so I can keep residents up to speed.

Whilst I welcome the total investment of around £11m for the ‘Western Corridor Improvement’ and the benefit it will eventually deliver in reducing traffic congestion, we must not lose sight of minimizing the disruption and completing the job as quickly as possible.

I will keep residents informed in future updates.