Torbay MP votes to trigger Article 50

MP’s yesterday voted by an overwhelming majority of 498 to 114 to back the European Union Bill, which gives Parliament’s consent to trigger Article 50.

Local MP Kevin Foster voted to trigger Brexit, and to respect the majority of voters both nationally and in Torbay, who clearly voted last June to leave the EU.

The Government will now publish a White Paper today, setting out a clear vision of what the Government is seeking to achieve from our EU exit. The Prime Minister is then expecting to formally trigger Article 50, possibly at the forthcoming EU summit in Malta.

Commenting on yesterday’s historic vote in Parliament, Kevin Foster said:

“I was pleased that my Parliamentary colleagues voted to support the Government’s position in such a decisive manner. I know from my own post bag in Torbay that my constituents now want politicians to crack on, and deliver the people’s wishes on getting out of the EU. Yesterday also showed that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party are split down the middle over Brexit, and that the 9 Liberal Democrat MP’s are still determined to thwart the will of the British people over Brexit. Fortunately they no longer have the numbers in Parliament to be able to do so”