Three Good Causes Benefit From Foster’s Fund

Three Local Charities have received £1,500 to support their work from the latest round of donations from Foster’s Fund.

The three charities to benefit from the latest donations were The Last Kiss Foundation (£1,000), Torbay Ladies Lounge (£300) and Hele Road Baptist Church (£200). The projects being supported include refurbishing an outdated Kitchen at Hele Road Baptist Church, contributing to new equipment for a project to help vulnerable women and providing bereavement training for those working with families affected by still birth and baby loss.

Foster’s Fund is based on a pledge made by Torbay MP Kevin Foster when he was first elected in 2015. He pledged to not only verbally oppose the 10% pay rise proposed for MPs, but to reject it via donations to local charities if IPSA, the body responsible for setting MPs pay, implemented it despite his objections. Since 2009 MPs have not voted on their own pay.

Kevin renewed this pledge during the recent General Election campaign and has pledged to continue Foster’s Fund until at least 2022.

Kevin said: “These groups each demonstrate a commitment to helping those in need here in the bay and I am delighted to be able to help them to ensure they can develop the excellent work they are already doing.’

“I have pledged to continue my Foster’s Fund until at least 2022 and if you know of a local charity that could benefit from support of up to £1,000 to deliver a project do encourage them to get in touch.”

Details about Foster’s Fund, along with details of how to apply, can be found by visiting or by telephoning 01803 214 989. To be eligible for Foster’s Fund the projects must be based in, or aiming to do the majority of their work in, Kevin’s Constituency.