Spice Classification

Since it first hit our streets last year the drug commonly known as “Spice” has been a blight not just on those who use it, but our Town Centres as a whole.

The impact of this highly addictive drug is very visible, with those who have used it entering a Zombie like state. In many cases it induces complete loss of consciousness and collapse, with indications last year the Ambulance Service were attending some addicts up to three times a day.

Despite these issues “Spice” is currently classified as a Class B drug. This means whilst it is illegal those convicted of dealing it may avoid prison or only get a relatively short sentence. This compares to those dealing heroin or cocaine who will virtually always go to prison, some for significant periods of time, as they are listed as Class A drugs.

On Monday I asked the relevant Home Office Minister if this classification would be reconsidered.

You can read my question and the reply I received by clicking here.