Refuse and Recycling collections in the bay – update from Kevin Foster MP

Kevin is still getting a regular stream of complaints from constituents across the bay about missed refuse and recycling collections, as well as the poor quality of some collections that have taken place. At a time of year when the weather is so hot and we are welcoming visitors to our area, nobody wishes to see refuse scattered across the streets, as has happened too often recently.

Kevin has persistently raised his constituent’s concerns over this matter in the last few weeks, both with Tor 2 and the Council. While the problems with life expired collection vehicles and staff shortages are well understood, Kevin is clear that we now want to see some action to urgently resolve this issue.

Kevin has been told that the Council and Tor 2 are looking to hire in additional vehicles to provide extra collection capacity, and that Torbay council will be advising residents of a plan of action.

Please contact Kevin and the team on 01803 214989 or at if you require assistance in this matter.