£2,400 Autumn Boost for Local Charities from Foster’s Fund

Seven local charities received a welcome boost as a total of £2,400 was distributed during the latest round of donations from Foster’s Fund, a scheme set up by Torbay’s MP Kevin Foster.

Foster’s Fund is based on a pledge made by Torbay’s MP when he was first elected in 2015. He pledged to not only oppose the 10% pay rise proposed for MPs, but to reject it via donations to local charities if IPSA implemented it despite his objections. Kevin renewed this pledge at the General Election in June 2017 and has promised to continue Foster’s Fund until at least 2022. Since 2009 MPs have not voted on their own pay.

The latest round of awards saw Torbay Bravo Help and Hope Groups (£300), 11th Torbay (Barton) Sea Scouts (£500), The Last Kiss Foundation (£500), South Devon Choir (£300), Turning Heads (£200), Friends of Upton Park (£300) and Karing Voluntary Group (£300) receive support for projects ranging from rejuvenating Upton Park to funding towards specialist bereavement training for Midwives.  

Kevin said: “I am delighted to support these seven fantastic projects which will make a real difference to people of all ages living here in the bay. The volunteers who give up their time to support these groups are inspiring and it was great to meet some of them as I handed out the latest round of grants.”

Details about Foster’s Fund, along with details of how to apply, can be found by visiting www.kevinjfoster.com/fosters-fund or by telephoning 01803 214 989. To be eligible for Foster’s Fund the projects must be based, or aiming to do most of their work, in Kevin’s Constituency. By law the award must be paid into the bank account of a registered charity.



For more information please contact Kevin Foster on 01803 214 989

Notes to Editors


  1. Fosters Fund Autumn 2019:

      The following donations were made on Friday 4th October 2019:

  1. Torbay Bravo Help and Hope Groups (£300)

      General advice and support for the homeless. The money will go towards a Christmas lunch for 30 people.

  1. 11th Torbay (Barton) Sea Scouts (£500)

      Contribution towards a trailer to transport a new second hand boat and cover so it can be used by local Sea Scouts.

  • The Last Kiss Foundation (£500)

        Funding towards special bereavement training for midwives at Torbay Hospital focusing on language and communication                      with bereaved parents. Half day workshop for 20 healthcare professionals costing £500.

  1. South Devon Choir (£300)

      A grant to help replace needed equipment.

  1. Turning Heads (£200)

       Funding to purchase cooking equipment for healthy eating programs to enhance the cooking skills of vulnerable people.

  1. Friends of Upton Park (£300)

       Contribution towards a project to rejuvenate Upton Park, including a redesigned play area.

  • Karing Voluntary Group (£300)

       Funding for a watercolour group who meet monthly.

  1. Photograph:

      The attached photograph was taken during the presentation at Kevin’s East St Office on Friday 4th October 2019. You are        welcome to reproduce it.

  1. Funding:

      “Foster’s Fund” is an account held by the CAF with donations equivalent to the 10% MPs pay rise being deducted from             Kevin’s salary each month. By law funds in the account can only be released to a registered charity and are not owned             by Kevin.