Preston Parking Meters Protest

Torbay’s MP Kevin Foster will tomorrow (Saturday 21st September 2019) join residents and beach hut owners for a demonstration against deeply unpopular plans to install parking meters on Preston Seafront.

Despite a petition signed by over 1,800 residents, 1,300 objections and the opposition of Preston’s 3 Conservative Councillors to them, Marine Drive, Preston, Paington is set to have parking meters installed following a decision by the Liberal Democrats & Independent Coalition running Torbay Council.

Parking restrictions are already in place to prevent long term parking by camper vans or other vehicles, with neighbouring roads set to see even more vehicles parked in them as motorists seek to avoid the charges if the scheme goes ahead. Torbay Council Officers have indicated the meters will be installed within the next three months if there is not a rethink by the ruling administration.

The charges ranged from 60p for an hour to £10 for all day and £3.50 overnight.

Commenting Kevin said: “The new meters will not only impact beach users but set a precedent in terms of their introduction into Preston which could see them spread into other streets in future. This decision totally ignores local opinion and the impact it will have on the surrounding area.”

“Even at this late stage the leadership of Torbay Council still have the chance to rethink this decision hence I hope many residents will join me to show what they think of this.”

Kevin will be joining campaigners against the meters for a demonstration of public opposition at 10am Tomorrow (Saturday 21st September) at Sara’s (Preston Beach Kiosk). Do come along if you can.




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Photos of the event can be supplied to the media on request afterwards.