New Defence Review Launched.

Over recent months there has been much speculation about the future for our Armed Forces, especially the Amphibious Fleet based at Devonport based on a Defence and Security review being undertaken.

Yesterday the Secretary of State (for Defence) made a statement to parliament in which he made the welcome announcement Defence would now be considered separately. Crucially this new review will not include a requirement to be “fiscally neutral”, a clear indication the result will see increased investment in the modernisation of our forces and the retention of key capabilities.

I am very interested in the future for the Royal Navy and how, with Brexit, the demands on our fleet to protect our interests may grow as our reliance on global trade increases. This is with reference to the UK trading more trade with countries like India and Australia. Given this I asked the Secretary of State to confirm he would be including an assessment of threats East of Suez (Canal). You can read my question and his response by clicking here.

Since becoming Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson has been pushing hard for the interests of our Armed Forces and it is welcome to see this sign of progress.