Launch of the “Hear and Now” local history project.

Last week I joined the launch of the “Hear and Now” local history project which was being held at the Torquay Library.

The project is aiming to record the stories of people in the bay which give insight into local history. One played at the event was the memory of a resident who, as a young girl, had helped her Father search their garden for scrap metal to help the war effort. A fun game became much more serious when the “interesting” piece of metal she found turned out to be an incendiary bomb dropped by the Luftwaffe.

Young students are helping with the recordings and (as pictured) they asked me for any stories I could tell. Mine were the recollection of an interesting timing when first being interviewed to be the candidate for Torbay, plus how I felt on the evening I first got elected to Parliament in May 2015.