Kev's Column: Question Time At The House

Every week I publish my very own Kev's Column on line and this week is slightly different as I was recently asked by The House Magazine to feature in one of their regular Q & A pieces with a Prospective MP. I reproduce what I sent below:

1)            Who is your political hero?

As a history buff it has to be Winston Churchill. His ability to keep the nation together in the face of its greatest dangers was remarkable. His wartime government means the whole of Europe, not just Britain, was saved from dictatorship. The easy choice was to ignore the prospect of war in the 1930’s and then give in when France fell. Some were prepared to do that, Churchill was not.

2)            What would you bring to the job of MP?

A grounded approach to life and policy.

I come from a typical family where my parents strived to own their own home, save money for a comfortable retirement and to give their child the chance they never had of going to University. So I am acutely aware of their daily sacrifices to achieve this, and that families still aim for this today.

When studying I did jobs ranging from working behind a bar to doing night shifts at a Pasty Factory, including a stint in the warehouse at TV rental stores in Paignton and Torquay. All experiences that helped shape who I am today.

My legal studies give me knowledge of the system and my Christian faith encourages me to seek ways to help others. You cannot get something for nothing in life but the ladder of opportunity needs to be there and it is the role of an MP to ensure it is.

3)            What one thing do you hope to influence / change?

                The nation's health.

My life changed two and a half years ago when my Mother was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and quickly became gravely ill. I lived away from my family for some years and suddenly found myself having to refocus my thoughts about the future. Those who have been through this themselves will understand how everything else seems to disappear in your mind when something like this happens.

The NHS was excellent, with my Mother now in better health and able to enjoy life. Yet no matter how good treatments are at the later stages, the biggest impact is how early the cancer is detected. The impact of Cancer on our society is growing with more having to live with it. 

The experience of supporting, and directly caring, for a loved one with Cancer means I want to influence policy positively, not only in terms of those who know they have it, but also the large numbers who do not.

4)         What one thing must the Conservative party do to win the 2015 election?


Keep reminding people what it means to be a Conservative. We offer a positive policy platform that reflects aspiration, supports those looking to get on in life and offers the prospect of home ownership and keeping the rewards of your labour.