Delivering for Torbay's Workers


Torbay’s MP Kevin Foster has welcomed jobs figures showing across the South West there are now 2,827,552 people in work meaning, under the Conservatives, 333,236 more people have the security of a job and a wage.


Unemployment is at its lowest level since 1975. The employment rate and the number of people in full-time work are at record highs – and wages have risen ahead of prices for 21 months in a row.


In Torbay the number of people who are claiming key out-of-work benefits has fallen by 652 since 2010.


By getting Brexit done, this Government will start repaying the trust placed in it by the people of this county, we will:


  • Increase the National Living Wage to £10.50 by 2024 and expand it to those over the age of 21;
  • Bring in a ‘triple tax lock’ – meaning the rate of income tax, VAT or National Insurance will not be raised throughout the lifetime of the next Parliament;
  • Increase the National Insurance threshold to £9,500 next year saving people approximately £100;
  • Create a new single enforcement body to better protect and enhance workers’ rights;
  • Review how we can better support self-employed workers;
  • Protect women returning from maternity leave from discrimination;
  • Legislate to allow parents to take two weeks paid leave for neonatal care.


Kevin Foster MP has welcomed these figures, saying:


“These latest jobs figures are another sign the fundamentals of the British economy are strong. With almost 3.8 million more people in work since 2010, more families have greater financial security and can confidently plan for their future. 


“With a majority we can end the arguing in parliament, Get Brexit Done and start delivering for workers across our bay, by putting more money in their pockets and creating a single enforcement body to better protect and enhance their rights.”