Brexit update from Kevin Foster MP


The major news event at Westminster this week was the decision by the Government to not proceed with asking the House of Commons to vote on the proposed Withdrawal Agreement.

After three days of debate the views of many MPs across the House of Commons was clear, with a series of speeches describing the current Northern Ireland Backstop proposal as unacceptable. This is the fall-back position within the treaty if a future Trade Deal is not agreed with the European Union before the end of the Transition Period after the UK leaves on 29th March 2019.

One major concern is whether the UK would be unable to exit the Backstop, even if a future deal was vetoed by an EU Member State due to issues irrelevant to keeping the land border open in Ireland, eg France over Fishing Rights (Even though entering the Backstop would see the UK leave the Common Fisheries Policy).

When the Prime Minister gave a statement to MPs confirming the decision to seek further negotiations, I asked her about this issue. You can listen to my question and her reply by clicking here.